Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Windows XP: Environment Variables Bug

I just encountered a strange bug in the way that Windows XP handles environment variables.

Setting the variables in the GUI-Editor, it can be reproduced like this:

alpha = %busy1%\ddd
busy1 = %busy2%\test
busy2 = c:\
zulu = %busy1%\ddd

Save the settings, open the commandline and do some tests:
C:\>echo %alpha%

C:\>echo %busy2%

C:\>echo %busy1%

C:\>echo %zulu%
This means, that windows can resolve %busy2% in %busy1% but NOT %busy1% in %alpha%. Interestingly it CAN resolve %busy1% in %zulu%.

This only gives me one possible interpretation: Some recursion in the environment variables system of windows XP seems to use alphabetical sorting.

Any hints where this might derive from?

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