Montag, 24. Mai 2010

How to upload files to a MediaWiki using JWBF

This little issue has been nagging me for a while, this is why I post it here hoping it will help others as well.

So if you want to
- upload images to your own (or somebody else's) MediaWiki
and you
- want to do it using java
- you happen to use the Java Wiki Bot Framework (aka jwbf)
then this one is for you:

String localPathToFile = "/home/klausbert/tmp/myTestImage.jpg";
String urlToWiki = "";
String wikiUser = "klausbert";
String wikiPassword = "klausbertsPassword";
String descriptionText = "Some text to describe the image";

MediaWikiBot mwb = new MediaWikiBot(urlToWiki);
mwb.login(wikiUser, wikiPassword);
SimpleFile file = new SimpleFile(localPathToFile);
mwb.performAction(new FileUpload(file, mwb));

Of course you will need some imports and try-catches. But the code is the essence of what you need to upload the file.

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