Samstag, 27. März 2010

Next Milestone taken

Today only a short notice about TweetMountain: It has taken its next milestone! This milestone spans the following parts:

1) It now has a second animation/mountain it is connected to. This new mountain is called TwitPicMountain and shows 140 images. All images are derived from TweetMountain, that sends all images it shows to TwitPicMountain.

2) This was the actual trigger for this post: Both mountains have run side to side in full-screen mode for the first time today! A wonderful view!

Now it is really time to start looking for a place to host the mountains 24/7. After that I can start to think about a real, physical representation of the mountains.

Side note: TwitPicMountain does not have its own twitter page, but uses the same as TweetMountain, this is why it is not linked.

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