Freitag, 9. November 2012

Hier fließt Öl rückwärts durch die Luft

Warum es das tut, weiß ich nicht - es muss sich wohl um Magie oder sowas handeln. Aber lest und seht selbst:

In the gallery a wire rack of oil cans sits. One oilcan has a visible fissure out of which oil slowly flows cascading onto the pedestal and gallery floor… The only thing is, the oil isn’t exactly flowing out of the can. Instead, oil appears to slow slowly drop by drop back into the can. At times the drops of oil hover unsupported in midair. Other times the drops are in the process of a slow motion splash onto the pedestal.
To be honest I still don't understand how it works, I don't know if the flickering light over the oil makes us to see it in slow motion.. After asking Matt about if Supermajor is completely physical, he said "it is real 0w-20 motor oil. Several viewers put their finger into the stream just to check. It works just as the video presents. No camera effects, no wires or digital special effects." See more;
Das ganze heißt "Supermajor" und ist von  Matt Kenyon
(via Triangulation)

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